Riverway Events

Congratulations are in order!

The SHR Board of Directors extends its sincere thanks to Bob & May Henry for their many, many years as SHR tenants. Bob and May have been stalwart tenants for over twenty years. We wish them happiness in their retirement.

Congratulations to Mark & Rhonda Gurney on the transfer of Harborside Trading on January 4, 2021! We are excited to see what creative and innovative ideas they have for the space. Not to worry – Sunapee tee shirts, sweatshirts, and other Sunapee logo wear will still be the main attraction!

Sunapee Harbor Riverway welcomes Greg & Eileen Lagrotteria to the family of Riverway businesses. Greg and Eileen will open Memorial Day weekend at 33 River Road (first floor) offering a variety of supplies you need for lake living ~ flip flops, sun wear, hats, and other fun stuff!

Congratulations to the Sunapee Heritage Alliance on the transfer of deed for the Livery! The SHR Board of Directors voted to donate the building to SHA to further their endeavor. SHA has done a wonderful job revitalizing the building, securing grants for construction, and returning a treasured building to the Harbor!

The SHR Board congratulate the Fenton Family on the purchase of their new boat! This is very exciting news! We all need to don our thinking caps and help the Fenton’s find a creative home for the MV Kearsarge.

Check back soon for the Summer Music Series 2021 on Flanders Stage!


Please respect social distancing and wear a mask when visiting our businesses.